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Lois B. Feldman, Ph.D.

Speaking with Confidence, Listening with Connection
Speaking Circles® in New York City

Upcoming Events

All events are at Parc 77: 50 West 77th Street, Apt 12B, New York, NY, 10024, unless indicated otherwise.

If anyone cannot make these dates and is interested in trying to find another time, please let me know.

I also do one-on-one coaching for any speaking, interviewing, or presenting situation and those meetings can be organized around your schedule.

Speaking Circles® with Lois B. Feldman, Ph.D

Photo of Lois FeldmanSpeaking Circle Workshops offer you a remarkable opportunity to improve your speaking skills–to become more confident, more eloquent, more clear-headed in all the speaking situations that you are likely to encounter in your life from giving celebratory toasts to speaking to audiences of all sizes.

The Speaking Circle approach is simple, though it has powerful psychological underpinnings. You will be asked to stand before a small group of fellow participants and speak about anything you wish. You'll do this several times, each time focusing on a few key techniques, among them comfortable breathing, strong eye contact, and a relaxed sense of both self and audience. Your fellow participants will be asked to listen to you warmly and offer genuine, brief, positive feedback.

Within this comfortable frame, participants gain surprising confidence in their ability to think on their feet. Participants report that Speaking Circles release their energy and self-confidence and dramatically reduce their anxiety.